TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN what’s good everybody welcomes back to me I actually had to do redo this because I did, I didn’t explain myself really well and the other one I thought I did because I did like three-four takes you to know so um but I’m going to redo this and you know it happens so but I want to be really clear about this particular.

I just wanted to mention this is basically what I find that’s well worth it to buy from Zara this is just my opinion the other ones the reason why I wouldn’t buy any other Zara fragrances except these rights here is just that like, for instance, the vibrant leather. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

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I have the arm of Columbian week and I feel that that one actually lasts a little bit longer performed to a well I just heard like the vibrant leather does not it probably has given you like one-hour projection which is you know not that great especially for the price.TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

that I think it goes for like 35 bucks or something like that once you can go and buy the arm of fragrances that are way more performance-wise weight way better and from Paris to Paris to New York one is I just don’t it’s just a dude it’s just one of that sense that I think I you know you can find better

ones I you know I don’t know I mean it I don’t know if it performs well or whatnot but this is just my take

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because I’m at least had gone I go to Zara at least like once or twice a week and see what’s new and what’s not and I stood all of them out the ones that I bought right here are you know what I mean my best once I find you know is just my review and you can just take.

it or leave it so I’m just giving you know heads up what to look for what you know what it smells good and you know again this is just my opinion but if you have anything else to say just comment down below and we’ll go from there so I just want to start off with the weekend 3/8 and this one is actually.

I was reaching for this a lot the beginning of like the end of spring summertime this is really good like evening sense this is again and all of these fragrances in this list at least give you three hours projection at least in six hours longevity six to seven hours so you know. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

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I these are well worth getting because of the performance you know for the price and everything and you’re not gonna pay more than for each bottle so anyway getting back to this actually a fabulous great unique. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

smelling fragrance from Zara till 3 a.m. you know you can wear it you can wear to the office you can wear it I mean depending on this situation but I wear this during the evening you know it’s a really good powdery this is the most powdery fragrance they have yet as far as I know from Zara it’s between you know the black it smells like Paco Rabannas black.

powdery creamy pineapple notes into this one is mint in like a pina colada without the coconut just the cream and the pineapple that’s what you’re going to get a really pleasant smell and the powder notes are really good I’m head over heels for powdery fragrances.

so that’s that weekend till 3:00 a.m. this one right here this one is the most I use this is the most frequent as our fragrance I use Zara Knight for ohm too now this one right here. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

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I mean unique you get like I smell three high-end fragrances in this one I mean you put like Invictus that meets like Hugo Boss night bottle and a few your stretchy arrows in this one and this one right here I see it can easily be a versatile fragrance for the office clubbing any word eight fragrance.

it’s a very and it’s long-lasting that this one is an EDP concentration so look out for this one is a really good one I think this is the most common one they have in the Czar of fragrance line so but you probably see this mostly because they rotate their fragrances a lot all right so this one right here night / um three this one right.

here it’s a totally different and I got this date they usually come in both packages you can get for 30 bucks if you buy to set like this but this one has a different take than the two this one actually has I mean it smells if you ever smelled like YSL loam you know.

that meets like Dior and I mean YSL loam intense and your own this is what your gonna get that lipstick kind of vibe you know it’s really like that like clay kind of vibe which

is really good it really does well I mean and this one is very you know I wear this when it’s cooler outside you know this and most of these rights here are mostly for fall-winter maybe you can pull it off in the spring or nighttime fragrances.

 I got only one that’s a daytime versatile in this fragrance well two of them but anyway so that’s what this one is really good too as well if you like that if you like those two fragrances now this one right here this is my favorite fall fragrance from Zara.

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just because it’s just a unique scent I mean this one’s our up 9.0 I mean it smells just like Valentino

wall mo. meats like Dior oh you know it has that lipstick scent like notes with spicy notes to a – I mean this is well I mean I love this I’ve been wearing this I wore it like yesterday I were yesterday I know I mean at last is pretty good on my skin I took the bottle with me of course because.

 I respray at work and whatnot I mean I got really good compliments at work I let some guy friends you know try it out on their skin they’re gonna tell me if it lasts on their skin so I’ll update you on that one too so I’m czar 9.0 and here’s the notes right over here.

it’s it has a lot of spicy notes to it but at the same time, it has that it has the lipstick vibe notes to it as well so that’s that and let me tell you this one is actually this one is my second go-to fragrance for the fall and winter and I wore this during the summer nighttime.

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we fit school it’s Zara man Momo and this one is actually um it’s if you ever smelled 1 million but it doesn’t it’s not as spicy as 1 million so put 1 million meats a little bit of spice bomb you know that cinnamon because it’s like cinnamon heaven in this one right here and this one is another great performing. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

fragrance not to take away from the least of these right here this one is my favorite I mean – I mean next to this one because I used to wear this before I discovered the 9.0 and now I started rocking the 9.0 just because maybe I just got tired of this because I wore um so many times but this is a great one this is well worth that if you see it and this is another common one in Zara.

– as well the wall MOU Zara whoa so alright so this one it’s this one is a unique one I haven’t seen this one I got lucky and I picked this one up and they come in different shapes and bottles or something like if you go to like the note breakdowns on Google they’ll show you a bottle that looks exactly like this it comes in this and select grey and the right in is green and but it’s the same juice the same Bob I mean the same but different bottle it’s called Zara unbreakable and this one is your every day like fresh spicy citrusy musky. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

musky scent so this one I mean you if you get like aqua Desi meets Calvin Klein CK one that’s what you’re gonna get these little vibes and do your own at the same time if you mix all those not a lot of doing your own but mostly like CK one and a little bit of the what is it called. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

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did you because it’s the first spicy one this is great for the summer a great for the office and so on so forth so again this is just what I think you know that’s worth in my you know in my just you know the ones that I’ve seen that’s well worth getting in Zara. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

basically, in my review and my thoughts basically so that’s what I wanted to say so but if you have any questions about these fragrances please comment down below um and hit the like button and subscribe and thank you so much. TOP 5 ZARA FRAGRANCES FOR MEN

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