Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances OF ALL TIME 2020

I’m going to talk about the top 10 most popular fragrances ever made number 10. Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances. Oh de Toilette it is a miracle in Japan in China they say we want a Johnny Depp fragrance.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

we want a Johnny Depp fragrance this is a worldwide sensation your siwash on the number 10 spot is a worldwide top seller it is a mix of fruity fruitiness and some molecules at it you definitely smell that this is not a giggle and shaky model from the 1960s this uses new ingredients you smell that is a modern fragrance my opinion on this variants is it is great for what it wants to be and it is by far the most smelled fragrance.

when I walk around the street I constantly smell this thing on people it’s a miracle guy number Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances. your wash number 9 spot Chanel’s coconut Moselle this perfume is obviously a worldwide sensation for women and I got to tell you just as a little side note dear ladies there is a proven evidence that if you smell like a white floral fragrance people think you are slimmer it is also proven that if you wear a grapefruit fragrance you feel at least a little bit more confident when I smelled her she was wearing something like this cute white floral friends,

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

I thought damn this woman is so gorgeous so it made her very attractive I would not say it made her slimmer physically but I got to tell you ladies and gentlemen fragrances do make you so attractive so please keep on wearing fragrances so this again is a white floral fragrance for woman and integrate fragrance for women my opinion on it its own success is a bit of a damage for it because too many women are wearing it just like yours awash too many people are wearing it you are not the most unique person on the planet.

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if you wear one of these two fragrances so number nine spot most popular fragrances of all time channel Coco Mademoiselle number eight spots by honoring blonde this is black opium if Santa ho this name is just so it’s an institution in the brain of the people well this is an institution but this is my least favorite fragrance of this complete list why because it neither says this or this or this is just the mix of a lot of good things are you this are you or are you this is just a mix of everything the performance can also be better that’s why I never took black opium that serious alright number eight spot black opium number seven spot.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

Dolce Gahanna light blue intense I mean sorry the normal light blue Dolce Gahanna so number seven spot is Dolce Gahanna light blue and this fragrance is you know what I’m going to do it like this ten nine eight okay dolce Gahanna light blue this is the most salts female summer fragrance in America the most sold female summer fragrance in America if you would ask me right now I would think that unbelievable success a great fragrance and to me, it is the best summer fragrance for women.

I mean the dolce Gahanna light blue intense version but the dolce Gahanna light blue or DE Toilette is the main superstar we are talking about it is a mix of apple jasmine and that’s pretty much it so you get fruits and flowers in a very hot Anthony way poor citrus I do get a nice citrus and flowers apple citrus flowers gorgeous mixed by master perfumer.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

Olivia grasp the most popular fragrances of all time ten nine eight number seven spot Dolce Gahanna light blue oh now we got the light blue for men in form of number six spot David off school water I bought this fragrance especially just for this video gentlemen okay it was on a discount thirty-nine euros 125 you see that’s while it goes, by the way, did you know that some of those gray market guys Gahanna get fragrances back you know what they do to act as if they’re sending you a new fragrance and that’s why you Gott watch out with some of these gray market dealers they do like this you see nothing is coming out okay because the tube is here now it just is soaking air and now they wrap it again mister James Robinson here’s your new debit of water it has never been used before you get the devil of cool water yeah looks nice looks new and then, of course, we fragrance,

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guys know how to know if a fragrance is new you simply spray it well and nothing comes out an after the third spray something comes out so just for you to know that’s what some people do ah this smells like the fresh fabric softener this is the most awesome fresh fabric softener smell ever I am 101 percent sure that many companies have been inspired.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

after this fragrance to get their fabric softeners sent many fabric softeners many room sprays many hotels even smell like Davidoff cool water this DNA is such a worldwide success everybody knows it and I love it I love this one too bad Paul Walker does not exist anymore alive at least in our mind that a hundred percent he was a great representation for this brand Paul Walker Fast and the Furious what a great guy so number six for David of cool water fresh fragrance for men great for the summertime I love it but it’s obviously overused but it would not suggest you wear it number five spatula via Barrett.

The Life is Beautiful by Julia Roberts no this is by Lancôme and this is the EU de Parfum and this fragrance is easily gorgeous and in the top 3 of the most complimented perfumes when I compliment women meaning when I give a woman and left kiss right kiss we hug each other I just smell a woman randomly most of the time if I give out compliments it’s because of this and I always know you’re weighing la via belle right and it’s always the same this is such a sensation you all know it this is a bit like black opium but with a more distinct character.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

this does not have one particular note that stands out but to me, this is like the Red Bull this is like the Coca-Cola this is like the Michael Jackson whatever what the first mover of fragrances that smell like this is the first mover of fragrances that smell like this that got really popular and that’s why this gets my respect on the number five spot I still love it and I still recommend it to people great fragrance la vie a bear order perfumes number four spot the gold bar so this is 1 million by Paco Rabanna one of the fragrances that got me.

into the fragrance game the opening of this is mouth-watering gorgeous this is so gorgeous that even women want to wear this men’s fragrance wow it is so good man this brings back memories like nothing else no song no picture brings back memories so nice like fragrances you love the opening of this I don’t care who you are you have to love the opening of this after the opening this fragrance turns sacking sweet it is not appreciated in my eyes after 30minutes it becomes sacking sweet but the opening with the grapefruit juiciness is just gorgeous great name1 million great campaign great smell so deserved success nice one.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

I love it but still, it’s overdone don’t worry anymore number three spot Jean-Paul Gautier le mile number three spot for Jean-Paul Gautier le Mel you know how serious this list is so this one the first fragrance I ever used the barbershop fragrance has a minty opening has some tonka bean mixed with gorgeous this is not smashing your head into the table this is like punch yourself in the face this is more masculine there’s not like the 1 million this is really punching yourself in the face this is john pogo ocelli mouth man this is a masculine guy I love it Wow I also like the bottle.

I don’t have a problem with the bottle so a clash of sweetness and freshness creative Francis quick John the master perfumer hey guys you have no idea who’s Francis Crick John that’s the guy that made the where is it here Francis cook John the man behind baccarat Rouge the worldwide top seller baccarat you know it guys ladies coming to the fragrance store and say I want the Packer Irish.

I want the Packer Roush worldwide sensation he started out with this one this was the breakthrough for the performer that has now his own brand he made this one and you got to know guys it has mint okay mint is easygoing but you got lavender and you got the tonka bean tonka bean is like vanilla which is super sweet mixed with freshness super interesting super creative has not been done before like that again a first mover in its industry there was nothing before like it this bar oh look how it looks unbelievable so deserved success100%.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

if I would have 1000 bottles of the original formulation of this I would get out on the Bahamas and height and just sell these 1000 bottles for $800 each you know that’s all valuable they are because they are discontinued the original formulation there was atomic bomb strength the original jumbo go check them out that you real fragrance enthusiasts know it of course number two spot there’s one men’s fragrance that can beat this one in terms of success in terms of sales aqua duo.

the enemy of Jean-Paul Gautier lemon-fresh sweet fresh sweet Italy France both legendary in the world of fragrances you think everything is France with fragrances don’t forget Italy especially Venice with the Middle Eastern guys that bring brought stuff like alcohol distillation and all that stuff the first of the Maria Farina the Jim the Giovanni maria Farina was Italian 1709he was the first guy that used bergamottin a fragrance don’t underestimate.

Italy it’s not all France guys it’s also a lot of Italy heritage and the fragrance industry Che someplace to all the Italian guys so this is the big first watery fragrance this says it smells like cool water and it actually does but this is different it really smells like fizzy water and this is now established in my brain like afresh fabric softener but this just literally smells like freshwater and what makes it possible is a chemical which is called Colonna so CA oh sorry Cal o n e Colonna.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

this was one of the first fragrances that this was introduced Master performer Alberta maria’s who also made my fragrance in case you’re interested my performer also made the most sold men’s fragrance of all time and this uses a bit of the Kelowna. Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances. I read that sea watery fragrance the performance is not where I want it to be so it’s almost impossible to dislike this fragrance in terms of how it smells it’s almost impossible to dislike the fragrance on how it smells but yeah but Wow but I like to make you laugh guys but the performance is not that way I want it to be okay the number.

one spot goes to Chanel number five the oldest fragrance in this list the most sold fragrance in this list the most revenue that was ever made with a fragrance on this list the most popular fragrance brand that is on this list the most respected fragrance brand that is on this list privately-held company on this list not a fan of this fragrance but it’s the most popular frames of all time Chanel number five mom I feel like I’m in Paris in and some type of boutique Wow Pilli if you want to see my complete opinion about five minutes on this fragrance please check out this video right here otherwise I want to say thank you very much ladies and gentlemen love you.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances

I love you is I love India more and more Indians have the internet now so I have a lot of more viewers from India right now I love Brazil I love Mexico I love the Guatemala where I get my cardamom from I love the Thailand I love China although in China I couldn’t use YouTube. Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances so for all the Chinese people that can you look at me hi I know in Hong Kong it’s possible I love Japan I want to travel there to have it tea tasting we’re also Steve Jobs and Hillary Clinton have been seen in one of those elite temples I’ll be there in Kyoto love Europe, hello and I’m Europe man.

guys I love Poland I love Germany I love Italy I love France I love Barcelona love Ibiza I love complete Spain I love everybody of you guys that are watching my videos I’m getting back to the roots thank you and this actually from the complete day of mine and not killing you I’m looking you in the eyes in this case I’m doing a lot of things every day this is the best thing of every day doing a video it’s really the case every day this is my favorite thing to do a video because I can totally be me and I don’t need to change myself because by now. Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances.

Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances. I work with so many corporate people you have so many people that have their own head and their own decisions and you don’t want to offend them and say things they offend them you have to be professional but here I can release my creativity what is on my hat so I love it because for me it’s good and I see that you guys like this mmm I mean Instill can do spins guys but right now I’m not feeling like I’m doing spins but for everybody that wants to see you, Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances man, I’m getting out of shape okay so that was a long video guy sorry for the commercials I insert it in here I hope you can forgive me thank you very much for watching ladies and gentlemen bye…

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